HILMAR CHEESE COMPANY Entry Level Production Worker in DALHART, Texas

BASIC WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM AND EMAILS SKILLS ARE REQUIRED. This position is responsible for operating equipment and machines in a production environment. Hilmar Cheese Company operates 24-hours a day 7-days a week. You must be able to work rotating shifts, nights, weekends and holidays. Hilmar Cheese Company has openings in several different production and warehousing areas. Posting your application to this position will put you into consideration for all! NOTE TO APPLICANTS: Applicants who are selected to move forward with an interview process will primarily be those who provide complete work histories and/or completed resumes. Incomplete applications with poorly presented work history are often not put into consideration. Keep this in mind as you complete your applications! A brief description of the types of positions we may have available in the future are: Milk Receiving Operator In Milk Receiving our employees are responsible for all milk and fluid raw ingredients coming into the facility. The job requires the ability to work with many different milk truck drivers and internal customers. There are daily requirements to work at heights, work indoors and outdoors, climb stairs on a continuous basis and deal with some laboratory work. The goal is to provide high quality milk to the rest of the facility for processing and conversion. Cheese Plant Operator A Cheese Plant Operator is responsible for all aspects of the cheese manufacturing process. From the receiving of whole milk, to pasteurization, to creating the cheese, to packaging and palletizing the end product, a Cheese Operator is ultimately responsible for the quality of products that feed the country. Our systems are state of the art, and operators work hand-in-hand with machinery and computer systems to produce the best American style natural cheese in the world! Whey Plant Operator After converting a majority of the milk solids into cheese, the remaining product is called whey. A Whey Plant Operator uses a complex filtration system to isolate the protein in the whey and concentrate it into a dried product. This ingredient is then bagged, palletized and shipped to over 30 countries. It is used in products such as baby formula, nutritional supplements, energy bars and many other products that require a higher protein amount. Warehouse/Forklift Operator In the warehouse, the primary responsibility is material movement in a refrigerated warehouse environment. Finished products are presented to the warehouse. These products are moved using electric, sit down forklifts. The products are then stored in multi-level racking systems. From there, products are loaded onto refrigerated trucks and rail cars for transport to our customers. Core requirements for these positions are: Strong core values that match those of Hilmar Cheese with an emphasis on People Being Our Most Valuable Resource. At least 2 solid years work experience in a relatable career. A desire to develop those around you and enjoy the success of others as much as your own. The ability to work in a state of the art facility with a paramount emphasis on food safety and quality. The ability and desire to be a spokesperson for Hilmar Cheese Company and its values at work and in the community. The ability to lift up to 70 pounds repeatedly over the course of a shift. The ability to stand for extended periods of time. A proven safety record that shows you care about the health and well being of yourself and fellow employees in the workplace. Hilmar Cheese Company is a 24/7 operation. Although we try to work with employees personal scheduled when we can, all employees must have the flexibility to work any shift. The ability to pass a Skills Test that looks at your level of reading comprehension, basic math and trouble shooting. All employees of Hilmar Cheese Company must be able to read, write and speak English. All can